We exist
to help people
grow closer to God
and each other!


There is one core value that under girds our identity – Love. We believe that love is the most important thing. God is love. Jesus said that love is the greatest commandment. When we love we do everything God requires of us. Without love, nothing we do matters. Basically, if it dœsn’t produce a loving and life-giving culture, then we don’t want to do it.


There are several things that we believe deeply that strongly shape our personality as a church. These are the things we are most committed to:

  • Bible Study
  • Eating Together
  • Life-Giving Rhythms
  • Inviting & Warm Atmospheres
  • Everyone in Groups
  • Fun to Give


The Gathering” is based on the Greekword for church “ekklesia” meaning “a called out gathering.” It conveys the idea of a group you belong to rather than a place you attended. The Gathering is not about buildings or programs – it’s about people. It’s about YOU, it’s about US!


Depending on your perspective, it is both a gathering of people and a cross. It conveys the idea of a gathering that is Jesus centered. But our gathering also has arms extended outward. We’re open and welcoming to everyone regardless where they are in their spiritual journey. The Gathering is a place you can belong before you believe the same things or behave the same way.